Picture this... You have a GIT repo, like that off of Github or Gitlab. Now, your repo is just like the other hundreds of thousands. And your repo exists as a spoke on one of the many enclosed ecosystems on the internet... GitHub, GitLab, SVN, you name it. Some have died, some others are still eeking existence.

Now, my GitHub account is http://github.com/jwcrawley . But what happens when GitHub goes away, or the links die? Poof, there goes yet another piece of electronic real estate like Geocities.

But, what if, we could create a permanent internet, that files are persistent? What if anyone could provide the files asked, and know they are legit? What if you could transmit all these files with a BitTorrent-like mechanism?

It exists right now. Inter-Planetary File System.

Right now, I urge you to hop on over to http://ipfs.io and install go-ipfs and also install the IPFS Gateway Redirect (in firefox). 

Everything has a Hash. Directories have hashes. Files have hashes. And every hash is unique... And by asking IPFS for a hash, you get everything associated with that hash. What does that mean? It means a link can give you a whole contained client-side webapp!

Example 1: Jor1k Linux in the Browser

Example 2: PageNodes, a Node-Red for client side

Example 3: quickMockup, a GUI mockup editor in browser

Example 4: Atari 2600 Emulator plus ALL games


What the hell are these? These are completely contained Webapps.... with no back end at all! All there is, is a hash representing the files, and the web pages and such.

So, where do we go from here? IPFS is still at alpha stage... yet powerful enough to handle gigabytes upon gigabytes of files seamlessly. But they need your help!  If you know Golang or Javascript, you can help. If you're also good at writing documentation, you're also essential as well!